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DAGT is a leading decentralized platform which allows holders of blockchain assets to leverage their holdings as collateral for assets guarantee. Based on Ethereum and smart contract technologies, DAGT aims to utilize blockchain to build a transparent, efficient and distributed guarantee system which makes digital assets flow quickly.

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Product introduction


Accepted currency:BTC / ETH  Minimum amount: 100ETH or equivalent BTC

Road Map

Jack Gao

Chief Executive Officer

Master of Finance, has involved in the investment of Skycoin, EOS, ETH, ByTom, Aion, TAAS etc. projects since starting blockchain investment in 2016. With years team management and operation experience, he has unique ideas and development plans in the combination of blockchain technology and financial industry.
In June 2018, Gao chao was invited by the Foundation to assume the CEO of the DAGT project, and he will in charge of the effective landing of the DAGT project, the listing on large exchanges and the management of the team.

Leo Ding

Co-founder & Chief Technical Officer

Leo received a master degree in computer science. He has rich experience in system architecture and has a deep understanding of Ethereum public blockchain technology and smart contract. Leo used to serve several well-known enterprises including China Ping’an and is proficient in research and development of internet products.
Leo joined the DAGT team in 2017 to provide technical and strategy solutions for the DAGT project and is responsible for architecture design and technical optimization.

Reg Zhang

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Reg Zhang graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University in information management and has more than 10 years of product operation and management experience.Reg previously performed products operation and management in several major Chinese banks (Bank of Communications, China Guangfa Bank, etc.), airlines (China Eastern Airlines, Air China, etc.). Additionally, Reg is founder of a blockchain innovative media company(
Reg joined the DAGT team in 2017 to provide solutions for the DAGT architecture and operation model. He is responsible for product design and experience optimization.

PeiLong Li

Senior Developer

Peilong Li graduated from Shanghai University with a master's degree in computer science and has over eight years of experience in technology development and operation.Li previously performed the development of quantitative strategy (including stocks, futures markets, etc.).
Li joined the DAGT team in 2018 and is in charge of the architecture design and development, as well as automated operation and maintenance of DAAD module application. Additionally, he takes charge of communication with digital assets exchanges.

Luke Guo

Senior Developer

With more than 10 years of data mining, analysis, research and development experience, Luke Guo previously worked in data services, e-commerce, O2O, Internet and finance companies. He is familiar with the deployment and optimization of a variety of distributed applications and is proficient in data structure, security protocols and Linux system operation and maintenance. Luke has extensive experience in blockchain applications and the development of underlying protocol interface.
Luke joined the DAGT team in 2017 and is responsible for the architectural design and development of smart contract and related logic for implementing TPGS module.

James Zhang

Business Development Director

He used to be the channel head of a well-known state-owned financial institution, the co-founders of “one-click visa”, and “agricultural approval” projects, and the deputy secretary-general of the Quantum Public Welfare Foundation.
Joined DAGT team in June, 2018, and in charge of the DAGT project business development and cooperation with domestic and foreign financial institutions.

David Deng

Legal Adviser

David Deng received a bachelor’s degree in law from Shanghai University and has over 8 years of corporate legal management experience.
David has worked for several large companies and served as legal adviser respectively. He has extensive experience in legal management, risk management and corporate governance, with professional qualification certificates as a corporate legal adviser.
David joined the DAGT team earlier 2018 and is responsible for the DAGT project’s legal security, intellectual property protection and foreign legal communication.

Hunry Liu

Risk Management Director

Hunry Liu received a bachelor’s degree in finance and has more than 8 years of risk control work experience
He once worked for as financial risk director (product control) and has practical experience in risk management, credit rating and risk pricing.
Hunry joined the DAGT team in 2017 and is responsible for the establishment and monitoring of the risk control structure during the project operation.

Aaron Madved

Blockchain Consultant

Aaron Madved previously served as Python developer in a famous Chinese blockchain company. Aaron was previously solely responsible for software project system analysis and architecture design for a long time. He is proficient in Nodejs / Java / Python, and is familiar with reflection and multi-threading, object-oriented and functional programming, Scala, and implicit type conversion.
Aaron joined the DAGT team at the beginning of 2018. He mainly gives the team technical support to build blockchain underlying technology and smart contract.

Antons Kamolins

Blockchain Consultant

With rich experience in blockchain project, Antons Kamolins used to establish his own blockchain startup. He is proficient in Nodejs/Java/Python/C++ and has a thorough understanding of object-oriented and functional programming. He is also familiar with large-scale Linux load balancing and high availability clusters, storage, server tuning, network security, high availability database design as well as performance evaluation mechanisms.
Antons joined the DAGT team at the beginning of 2018. He mainly provides the team with technical support to build blockchain underlying technology and smart contract.

Trenton Creamer

Overseas Marketing Consultant

Graduated from the University of Washington, Trenton is a passionate investor and cryptocurrency enthusiast.
Joined DAGT at early 2018, and assist in the overseas marketing operation andcooperation with financial institutions of DAGT project.


CHRIS Chen / Marketing Consultant

Chris is an internet entrepreneur; the early founding member of YEECARE, a cross-border company; co-founder of Direct Markting Hangzhou Club (KEYA-MARKETING); co-founder of a famous Internet fintech company; founder of a blockchain innovative media company(

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